Successful completion of Ground Water Development at 2x660 MW Coal Fired Power Plant, Sahiwal.  1st ever 14 Days Group Pumping Test Coal Fired Power Plant, Sahiwal.     Successful completion of 75 HSDPTs at 120 MW Fatima Energy Limited Sanawan.     Feasibility Study Underway for Coca Cola Pakistan  

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Water Resource Management

GeoScience Associates personals have vast experience in exploratory drilling, well design & constructions, under different sets of hydrogeological environments. Depending upon the physical environments of the area under investigation, we advise to our client the most appropriate method of drilling i.e. straight rotary, reverse rotary, percussion or combination of these for drilling water wells. We focus on a cost effective approach in framing exploratory program (drilling depth & number of sites) and therefore drilling operation is carried with a complete understanding from updated available data and review of earlier works.

Our investigation methods are systematic with innovative technique of data collection and presentation that defines the geometry and type of aquifer and chemistry of waters encountered. We specialize in conducting differential water sampling and packer tests, from a borehole to establish groundwater quality profile and yield from different Aquifer zone.

Our services include well testing (constant discharge rate & multi rate) and make use of modern and sophisticated/ automatic recorders & software namely Logger Data Manager design by Schlumberger of Nether Land software for analysis of pump test data to gain reliable values of aquifer parameters. Keeping our track on rational development of groundwater for its sustained supply, our proposed designed wells are highly efficient, life long, economical, based on data analysis and selection of appropriate construction material.

  • Groundwater Assessment

  • Groundwater Modeling

  • GIS Data Base for Integrated Water Management

  • Source Water Protection Plans / Sustainability

  • Hydrology & Monitoring Network

  • Geo-Chemistry