Successful completion of Ground Water Development at 2x660 MW Coal Fired Power Plant, Sahiwal.  1st ever 14 Days Group Pumping Test Coal Fired Power Plant, Sahiwal.     Successful completion of 75 HSDPTs at 120 MW Fatima Energy Limited Sanawan.     Feasibility Study Underway for Coca Cola Pakistan  

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  Geotechnical Investigation  

GeoScience Associates is emerging as a Leading and Cost Competitive Geotechnical Investigation company for business and industrial site planning, design and construction. Our range of Geotechnical works include:

Field Testing comprising of:

  • SPT

  • CPT

  • Drilling

  • Coring

  • Dilatometer Testing

  • Pressure Meter Testing

  • Plate Load Testing

  • Relevant lab testing

  • Chemical analysis

  • Insitu-Geotechnical Investigations

To determine the dynamic elastic properties of sub-surface lithologic layers, following methods are used:

  • Cross Hole Seismic Survey

  • Down Hole Seismic Survey

  • Gamma-Gamma Density Logging

  • Surface P/Shear wave vel surveys

  • Borehole inclinometer surveys

  • Thermal Conductivity Survey

  • Vane Share