Successful completion of Ground Water Development at 2x660 MW Coal Fired Power Plant, Sahiwal.  1st ever 14 Days Group Pumping Test Coal Fired Power Plant, Sahiwal.     Successful completion of 75 HSDPTs at 120 MW Fatima Energy Limited Sanawan.     Feasibility Study Underway for Coca Cola Pakistan  

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Drainage Integrity Testing

To have an assurance that the portions of a drain or sewer that are meant for the waste, process or storm water flows are in a condition to prevent water transmission to the exterior is the main goal of any drainage network developer / owner. Similarly the drainage network (i.e. drains, sewers, manholes, collection pits) and auxiliary components (i.e. manhole covers, grating, slope, material of construction etc.) should be designed and constructed in such a way to achieve the disposal of all design flows at self-cleansing velocity for the whole design period. To evaluate these purposes of the constructed drainage network, drainage integrity testing is done. Following are the main activities performed during drainage integrity testing.

  • Reconnaissance Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • Preliminary Evaluation / Vetting of the Existing Drains / Sewers
  • Leakage Testing
  • Final Evaluation Report