Successful completion of Ground Water Development at 2x660 MW Coal Fired Power Plant, Sahiwal.  1st ever 14 Days Group Pumping Test Coal Fired Power Plant, Sahiwal.     Successful completion of 75 HSDPTs at 120 MW Fatima Energy Limited Sanawan.     Feasibility Study Underway for Coca Cola Pakistan  

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GeoScience Associates (GSA) is a leading firm of independent geophysical consultants. Our geophysical surveys are carried out using a variety of geophysics methods for practical applications in site investigation, geo environmental surveys, electrical earthing and non-destructive testing. Our company was one of the first Pakistani geophysical consultants to carry out geophysical surveys commercially. In the intervening years GSA have compiled a record of successful geophysical investigations by using the modern equipments and high level processing softwares within Pakistan and Abroad.

Our geophysical surveys are always carried out by highly qualified geophysicists. This allows problems to be solved on-site by customizing data acquisition to the highest levels of technical excellence. Following a comprehensive programme of data processing and interpretation by our team of experts; survey results are presented in an easy to understand engineering format.

Engineering geophysics surveys investigate the physical properties of the ground by the use of instrumentation, providing information on subsurface ground conditions not evident from the ground surface, for all types of practical engineering applications. Geophysical surveys are non-intrusive and non-invasive, and can help to avoid disruption that can be caused by drilling, pitting and trenching. A geophysics investigation can cover large site areas rapidly to provide either reconnaissance data or a detailed investigation, and can optimize the targeting of any essential intrusive inspections. In environments where intrusive ground investigations are not possible, our geophysical surveys can still provide engineers with useful information. The main techniques used are

  • Seismic Refraction survey

  • Multichannel Analysis of Surface waves (MASW)

  • Downhole/Crosshole Seismic Survey

  • Multi Electrode imaging/Electrical resistivity Tomography (2D)

  • Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES)

  • Thermal Conductivity

  • Borehole Geophysical logging / SP / SPR / Natural Gamma / Density

  • Well Videography

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)